We are committed to sustainable design and to maximizing positive environmental impact, while exploring the project’s opportunities and constraints.


We believe that architecture as a metabolic system is functional to the site.
Our rigorous design process focuses on how interior spaces are connected to the surrounding environment.


The deep knowledge of natural processes linked to the dynamics of urban environments is fundamental for a balanced landscape.


Global transformations on land require increasingly complex masterplanning solutions,
to structure and define sustainable urban environments


We are actively engaged as advisors on design requiring specialist landscape input.
There is increasing professional and public awareness of the value of good landscape design and attention to the public realm.


Regularly invited to lecture internationally, we speak about our work and about the profession of landscape.
We are part of a wider community of professionals who believe landscape is at the forefront of contemporary design and development.


The relationship with the academic and intellectual world enriches our professional work with the most cutting-edge topics of research and teaching.


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Ajuntament de Caldetes. SPAIN
Ajuntament de Cardona. SPAIN
Ajuntament de Salou. SPAIN
Ajuntament de L’Hospitalet de l’Infant. SPAIN
Ajuntament de Reus. SPAIN
Ajuntament de Mont-Roig. SPAIN
Ajuntament de Barcelona. SPAIN
Ajuntament de Santa Coloma de Gramenet. SPAIN
Ajuntament de San Adrià del Besós. SPAIN
Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona. SPAIN
Ayuntamiento El Viso del Alcor. SPAIN
BIM/SA Barcelona d’Infraestructures Municipals. SPAIN
B:SM Barcelona de Serveis Municipals. SPAIN

Casa Aménagement Casablanca. MOROCCO
CDP Investimenti. ITALY
Comarca de Matarranya. SPAIN
Com. Communes Sud-Roussillon
Comune di Acireale. ITALY
Comune di Milano. ITALY
Comune di Napoli. ITALY
Comune di Roma. ITALY
Comune di Sorso. ITALY
Commune Agde, SEBLI. FRANCE
Consell Comarcal del Maresme. SPAIN
Diputació de Barcelona. SPAIN
Direcció General d’Urbanisme. SPAIN

Generalitat de Catalunya (DPTOP) . SPAIN
Junta Constructora del Temple de la Sagrada Familia. SPAIN
Junta de Compensación Emprius Sud. SPAIN
“La Caixa”. SPAIN
Mairie de Sant Cyprien. FRANCE
Hoteles Four Seasons.CANADA
Hoteles 4R. SPAIN
Hoteles Best. SPAIN
Iberdrola S.A.. SPAIN
Icosa, Promociones Inmobiliarias S.A.. SPAIN
Junta de Andalucia. SPAIN
LODEF Sant Cyprien. FRANCE
Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente. SPAIN

Observatori del Paisatge. SPAIN
Pala Panini. ITALY
Piano dei Daini. ITALY
PortAventura S.A.. ITALY
Promocions Urbanístiques de Mataró S.A. .SPAIN
Región Metropolitana de Caracas.VENEZUELA
The High Commission for Erbil Revitalization (HCECR).KURDISTÁN
Universitat Rovira i Virgili. SPAIN
Zoo de Barcelona. SPAIN